red delight

I opened up the door last week with this weird feeling. It was neither curiosity nor any other familiar feeling, but something had me up from my couch and made me do it. Then it hits me. Behind last day’s left over something was looking at me and smiling, all blushed and fresh. I close the door simultaneously and go back to my seat trying to mind my own business. Then, slowly, without me wanting this, I walk back to the room, stand next to the door, hoping she would notice me. Did she? I could never know unless I open it again. Should I? I mean I want to! Can’t get that smile out of my mind. Be a man young fellow! So I take what’s left of my balls and open the door quickly but still make myself appear like I am looking for something else, hoping to catch a glimpse of her tender skin. But whom was I fooling? Her?
We make eye contact and I become red, like her, but more…

That look! It can wake up a dying zombie; it can sober a drunken monkey.

She smiles!

She was the prettiest tomato I have ever seen

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